Lust List

My passion for shopping far exceeds my monetary gifts. Leaving home and moving into a fabulous apartment in the middle of Chicago has a way of emptying your bank account of funds that can be used for fun! So instead of buying everything I want online, I’ll live vicariously through my readers (if I have any!?). Here is my lust list for the week…

I adore the simplicity of this necklace found here

This little bird is so precious. I actually and finding that I’m in love with pretty much everything in this etsy store. Go check it out! riight here

From the second I learned I was moving across the country for school, I began scouring the internet for cute stationary/postcards/envelopes/stickers so I could keep in touch with my friends and family the old fashioned way. I don’t think there is any better feeling than getting a handwritten card in the mailbox from someone that you love very much. These stickers are an adorable, friendly reminder that your recipient should return the favor by sending you a reply! Buy your own

I am completely obsessed with knitting right now. There is a fantastic yarn store one block away from my apartment and I cannot get enough of it. I am currently knitting a beanie for myself and one for a friend’s birthday. I’m going to sign up for some classes soon, hopefully I will learn enough so I can start making cute toys like this little guy! If you’re already talented enough to stitch him up, you can find the pattern here.

These jeans make my heart go knock knock. But honestly, how could one not love everything about these? They are skinny enough to be tucked into boots, but also look amazing with a fierce pair of heels. If you want to be lazy, the worn look they have goes perfectly with flats and a t-shirt. Someone buy them for me pleaseeee.

Alright, that’ll wrap up my very first lust list! I hope you enjoy all these wonderful things my heart is yearning for. Let me know if you snag any for yourself :)

All my love,

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