Sugar: Pretty in Pink

I love pretty much every dress on this site. Ramona Ramona Ramona :)

This pretty pink coat from Juicy Couture. I’d love to enjoy this in some snow here in Chicago. Nothing like wearing pink on a cold winter day.

Pretty pink computers! (I don’t have a link for this guy, sorry)

A pink BUILDING! Okay…it’s not actually pink. But it’s lit up in pink and I love it and want to live in a place where buildings are pink sometimes :)

People running in pink supporting people who have boobie cancer. I am one of them sometimes. I love racing for cures!

A pink splatter paint bag. Very interesting.

And last, but not least, what would a post from me be without a pair of pink shoes? The only picture I could find was this blurry guy… Just click the link to see them in all of their beauty :).

Enjoy xoxoxo


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