Handmade Holidays!

I’m back in the city and I’m not wasting ANY time being productive.
Last night I took it back to the old school (cuz I’m an old fool…who’s so cool?) and did a quick finger weaving chain. My roomie and I want to decorate our lovely apartment in as much handmade christmas decor as possible. I made the chain so that we can create a bunch of pom pom balls and attach them and hang it around the room as sort of a garland :).
I was inspired by this lovely garland.

Mine will end up looking quite different, hopefully I’ll get around to posting a picture of it.

Have a lovely day!

I am STILL working on my surprise knitting project. I PROMISE I’ll post a picture when I’m finished, it’s just been taking me so long and I didn’t get any work done over the holiday week. Off to do my homework now!!

Throw in your two cents.

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