Thursday thursday thursday

Hi bloggers :),

Tonight I should be doing a bunch of homework (I’m procrastinating), and I’m feeling rather musical. So I decided I would share my very first playlist with you!! Exciting, right?!

Here is what’s been on my ipod recently. I don’t know how well these songs flow together but they make me happy on these COLD snowy days and I’m pretty sure that’s all that matters eh? Here goes…

Winter Wonderland: My very first playlist

1. Get your way By: Jamie Cullum
2. Good Life By: One Republic
3. Heart Attack By: Low Vs. Diamond
4. Nice to Meet You By: The Reign of Kindo
5. Annie Use Your Telescope By: Jack’s Mannequin
6. The Way I Was By: Maroon 5 (this is my all time favorite song)
7. The Town That You Live In By: Sherwood
8. 6 months By: Hey Monday
9. Kiss N’ Tell By: Danger Radio
10. Bigger than love By: My Favorite Highway


Throw in your two cents.

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