Today I made Christmas cookies with my wonderful family, and my neighbor… haha It is a Christmas tradition that my mom has forced us to do for as long as I can remember, luckily it’s oodles of fun. Here are some pictures of the decorating. Let me apologize for how greasy my hair looks, I’ve been having trouble styling my bangs recently so they look GROSS every day…. Disappointing.

Some of my cookies. My mom wanted me to smile, I had other plans… :)

My neighbor Logan iced a lot of cookies. He immediately ate every cookie he frosted. What a silly boy.

My baby brother put a lot of time into his frosting at first, then he got a little sloppy. He’s so cute :)

My older brother, Brock, always puts a LOT Of thought into his cookies. He has ever since I can remember. This is his cookie from this year.

And this last picture is a little old/out of place. BUT, it fits. Let me explain :). Over Thanksgiving break my mom wanted to take some pictures for a Christmas card. Sadly, this one didn’t make the cut. But it’s my absolute favorite and I wanted to share it with someone! So from me to you…

Happy holidays and merry Christmas!


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