80th post!

Sorry for my absence, once again. I’m such a slacker, but after 7 hour shifts at work alllll I want to do is lay in bed and knit or read. So I did! But I’m back :).

I’m really excited because I was tagged by Lindsay to do a 7 things post. So I’ll start off with that.

1) All of my friends make fun of me because all I want to do is knit. I’m only 19 and most kids my age prefer to involve themselves in scandalous (and dare I say illegal?) activities but all I really want to do is watch Friends and knit a hat (or scarf or stuffed animal, etc.)

2) My whole life I was 100% sure that I was going to end up decorating the homes of the rich and famous. I had a subscription to Architectural Digest and American Girl at the same time. Ironically enough, I’m in school for Fashion design right now. A last minute change in my life plan that is going quite well for me.

3) My all time favorite movie is Green Street Hooligans. I think that Charlie Hunnam is HOT and the movie is beautifully made, has anyone seen it? If not, get on it asap.

4) I grew up with two brothers (no sisters). My little brother is my favorite person in the world and I can always count on my older brother to have my back. I was always secretly glad I didn’t have sisters because I don’t like to share my clothes.

5) I want to be famous someday. I have ALWAYS wanted to be famous. Perhaps that’s odd? I don’t care, I’m not afraid to admit it :)

6) I’m awful at keeping my own secrets. If you ask the right questions, I’ll tell pretty much anything.

7) I love clothes. Most specifically, I love short dresses and flouncy skirts. In an Atmosphere song they say “every woman looks better in a sundress”. If I could wear a sundress every day, I would. I also love shoes. If I could throw on a pair of Christian Louboutin’s or Giuseppe Zanotti’s, or Vivienne Westwood’s along with my daily sundress, that would be the dream :).

As for my other updates, I’m working as fast as my fingers will allow towards my first shop update in a LONGGG time (it’s very empty right now…has been for about a year). I can’t wait to show you all what I’ve been working on!

Have a lovely Friday. Hopefully I’ll be back later today (you know…when people are normally awake) with another post!


oh! I forgot, only 14 more followers till my first giveaway. Spread the word!

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