Book post!

I’m reading a FANTASTIC book right now about relationships (you may have seen the movie, He’s Just Not That Into You).

It is hilarious and I feel like I wrote it myself. I have what most people would see as a cynical view towards relationships and men. I have little to no patience for shenanigans such as cheating, drug/alcohol use, and excuses about fear of intimacy. My whole life I’ve though such events were simply intolerable and, as a result, I have never found a boy to call my boyfriend. I’ve been told many times that I’m never going to find someone because I’m “too picky” or because–as my mom likes to say–I like to string guys along until I have them, then just let them go. BUT none of this is true! I’m not too picky, I just know how I want to be treated and I can tell when it’s not right. It’s as simple as that. I have ALWAYS believed that when a guy actually likes me, I’ll be able to tell because he won’t be hooking up with other girls while I think we’re together and he’ll respect things that I am not into such as excessive alcohol and drug use. So, in light me of LOVING that I’ve been right forever, I decided to share a passage from the book that relates directly to things that I’m dealing with a LOT right now as a young freshman in college.

Dear Greg,
My boyfriend is a lawyer and happens to smoke pot every night. When he does, he acts and talks just like he does when he’s sober. I guess it’s weird that he’s always high and I’m not, but it doesn’t seem to be an issue with us. My friends think it’s weird that I’m dating a pothead. But it’s not like he’s really acting like a pothead, so what does it matter? I can’t imagine how this has anything to do with how into me he is or not. Right?

Dear High Times,
Wrong! Let’s take a quick health ed class on what pot does to the brain. Smoking pot makes your brain work slower, and makes you less in tune with your surroundings and more introverted. It dulls your senses and clouds and impairs your sense of reality. So he’s always stoned when he’s with you. That really means he likes you more when there’s less of you. You’re going out with someone that doesn’t enjoy you at your full levels. That’s tantamount to him liking you better when you’re in the other room. This doesn’t mean that he’s not that into you. It just means that he likes his pot better than you. By the way, if he ever got arrested for pot, he most likely would lose his license, because criminals are not allowed to be officers of the court. So at least you’re in good company, because he likes pot better than his job, too!

Don’t be fooled. Don’t let the guy who’s not falling down drunk and peeing his pants get away with the fact that he is quietly, more gracefully, bombed out of his mind every single moment he’s with you. It’s still inebriation, it’s still checking out, and it’s still not good enough for you.

It’s great, I love it :).

In OTHER book news, I recently (last night) finished reading The Time Traveler’s Wife and if you have not read it yet you really should. It’s a fantastic love story and is beautifully written.

I’m doing REALLY well on my goal list (20 before 20!) and I’m going to try and post a running list of accomplished goals on the side of my page so you can keep up with me :). I would also love to post a list of books I’ve read towards my book goal so that if you want you can read them as well.

Hmm…. any last things before I leave… Check out this cartoonist, his work is hilarious :).

the gross uncle


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