February….in January?

Loveee love love love. Outwardly, I’m quite cynical towards love. I’m currently single and I’ve never had a boyfriend. I’ve spent every Valentines day by myself, etc, etc. This has all led me to really dislike LoVe and talk of soul mates and really cute couples. I’m like the crazy snake lady at the end of the street who throws garbage at the happy people walking by. Having said that, I secretly adore Valentines day. I LOVE all the pink and red. The hearts are SO cute and inspirational (god only knows why I’m inspired by one of the most basic shapes around?) and I love all of the flowers and decorations. I can’t wait until February. I’m going to come up with a few Valentines themed tutorials to share with you :)

In anticipation of Valentines day (and my FAVORITE month) I’m going to share some premature February images.

pretty valentines


Hugs and Kisses


loving words


vintage love


pretty love earrings


Have a lovely wednesday. I’m off to pack :/. It’s always bittersweet leaving home…


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