I’m only 15 posts away from the big 100 :)

I would loveeee to have 20 followers by my 100th post. Spread the word about my blog! I don’t have anything to offer you for your services…sadly. Maybe for those who promote me (and comment the link to said promotion) will be entered in a drawing for a cute knit hat :). I’ll do my best to create a button for my blog that you can post in your sidebar.

In other news, happy Tuesday everyone! I’m only in phoenix for a few more days so I’m soaking up all the sunshine that it has to offer. Silly phoenix…raining my last week home.

I’m still working so hard towards a shop update. I want to post at least 10 items in this first update. I hope to add a lot of items in the coming weeks so keep posted! In addition to knitting, I have been painting with my little brother since I’ve been home. I love that he has an interest in art and anything I can do to encourage that is great. I painted a CUTE green monster yesterday.

what do you think? It was REALLY quick and easy (clearly) but is super cute.
It was so fun and I think he’s completely adorable :).

I also REALLY want this small duffel from Vera Bradley.

See you all tomorrow :)

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