I was traveling all day yesterday so I cued up a post and it DIDN’T WORK! I’m feeling pretty betrayed by the internet right now… haha Oh well, live and learn.

I’m back in my apartment (cooking some peppermint patty brownies as I type) and trying to ease back into my chicago way of life. I don’t know if I’m ready to go back to school yet but I don’t have a whole lot of time to figure that out because class stars on monday (eek!).

If you haven’t checked out my etsy shop yet, please take the time to stop by. I posted some really cute hats. Within the next week or so I’ll have some adorable headbands up and HOPEFULLY a couple scarves/cowls. I’ll keep you posted. It all just depends on how much homework I have and how busy school makes me.

My giveaway will be coming as soon as I get 20 followers (to follow me, simply click the “follow” button on the top of my page. It REALLY is that easy!!). But in the meantime, check out this lovely giveaway. I think the polaroid camera is a SCORE! I entered :).

Hmmm, other info. I started a formspring. I doubt anyone has any questions to ask me, but it’s on the side of my page if you come up with anything! I’ll post the questions and answers here once I get a few.

Finallllyyyy. It is SUNDAY. So here is your sugar :).

Polka dots!!!




Vogue Italia

I’m off to read some more of my book while my apartment is still empty and quiet (oh how I adore the quiet…). Gotta keep getting through my goals!


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