Last night I was coerced into going out and having a good time by my roommates. Being back at school has posed a problem as far as me posting every day. I’m going to figure out a time that works every day so that I can be consistent again. I think it’s adorable to blog in a coffee shop. So “city” :). I may have to start that up.

I missed my purse post last night so here it is!

My purse was bought used from my work in Phoenix. It’s a beautiful black leather hobo from Banana Republic and looks pretty small but holds EVERYTHING I would ever want or need :).

Inside my purse (or backpack, now that school has started) on a regular day you’ll find the following…

-fake glasses. I usually keep a pair on me because I think they’re a lot of fun and you never know when you’ll need to throw on a disguise!
-my point and shoot camera
-Body spray from bath and body works. When it’s hot in the city and I’m running through the streets to catch the train, I need something that smells good to spray on for a quick fix
-advil (or really any kind of medicine that will alleviate headaches and cramps)
-Mini lotion for dry hands in the winter
-Gum! (the pina colada kind is just delicious)
-hand sanitizer. When you get off of the public transportation you need something to clean your hands
-tissues for winter colds
-Yes to carrots chapstick
-my phone
-a pen
-my moleskin planner
-I also usually have my most recent knitting project and a book along for the ride but my book is in my bed right now and my knitting is too big for my purse right now!

Last night I had a wonderful time. Again, so sorry about the lack of a post. I’m going to get better! It’s always difficult adjusting to a new schedule so I’ll be back into the swing of things as soon as possible.

I bought some embroidery hoops tonight and got home so excited to start a new project only to realize that I forgot to buy needles. I’ll have to remedy the situation tomorrow. I think that I’m going to paint another picture this week because it was so much fun back home and I miss it! Other things on the agenda include taking pictures for a shop update (I’m just awful about putting finished items into the store) and promoting my blog a little bit :).

I’m off to finish some homework because one of my goals was to get straight A’s this semester. I’m going to get a jump start on that!


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  1. You should do it! I was worried to wear them too because one of my best friends always tells me I look goofy. But I have gotten a million compliments on them and they're so much fun. I believe in you :)

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