Red Lipstick

Hello hello,

Today I was feeling rather glamorous (if I do say so myself) so I curled my hair and threw on some red lipstick and a great pair of heels. Then, all dressed up, I went to grab some groceries because sadly, my life here isn’t all that exciting. If I’m lucky I’ll go out tonight and have some fun.

In the meantime, I’m here bloggin with you all. I have a little favor to ask. I really have no idea who reads my blog so I feel like you would be a good group to ask this question to.
In one of my classes I have to do a project about the way I am viewed by others. If you are a regular reader (or if this is your first time stopping by) I would appreciate it forever if you’d leave me a comment with one word that you feel describes me. Be honest! Bad or good I can use it for my project. If you’re shy you can comment anonymously!!

How do you all feel about red lips? I’m completely obsessed with the whole “sexy librarian” thing right now. Big glasses and red lips. Do you think I can rock it?

Here are some pictures of beautifullll shades of red lipstick.

Don’t forget! Leave a comment telling me how you view me. It can be just one word if you’d like!

See you all tomorrow for some sugar

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