Grammys 2010

Grammy fashions were a HUGE disappointment this year. I pulled some of my favorite and least favorite pictures and I’m going to give you my commentary on them.

THIS IS MY FAVORITE! FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE! I don’t even think I need to comment on how beautiful and flattering this gown is. Bravo :)

Hello good sir :). Your suit is fabulous and you look quite put together. I love the gray because everyone else on the red carpet seems to go with black.

HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT! I love this dress so much. I would wear this every day. The length is so sexy and I feel like black is so flattering.

I really have no opinion about Mr. Mraz’s suit but he is fist pumpin like a champ so I couldn’t resist including this picture :).

I’m usually not a fan of the mermaid dress but I think it looks great on her. I love the color and this dress flatters every curve she has. Beautiful

HOT! This is one of my favorites. I adore the magenta color and the cutouts. This dress is gorgeous. So simple and perfect.

I simply adore this dress. I think the cutouts are so sexy. I love that she chose to wear white and it worked and I think her hair is perfect for the occasion. Bravo!

Beyonce has interesting fashion choices. I suppose I like that the dress hugs her curves, but that’s where it ends for me. I think the embellishments are odd and out of place. I hate the color of the dress. I think that Beyonce is BEAUTIFUL so I don’t understand why she dresses like this sometimes.

Fergie did well this year! I love the electric blue color of her mini. I think that bold colors are hit or miss and in my mind, this was a hit. Her legs look great and I’m pretty sure there isn’t an ounce of fat on her. Love the dress, I’d wear it!

Pink is not my favorite person in the world. Her music is okay, she’s a cool person (from what I know) but something about her just doesn’t strike me. That’s exactly how I feel about the dress. I think the shape is beautiful but I could have done without the scale-like embellishments.

Jay…no no no. Who told you this was a good look? The sequined jacket looks like something trendy from forever 21 and the distressed jeans are not something you should wear on the red carpet, let alone anywhere else. I hate it.

It looks like someone missed their quinceaneara and is trying to make up for it now. I feel like this dress is a reject from the Macy’s junior department and has no place on the red carpet.

Curtains? Couldn’t afford a dress so she wore…curtains? Not a good choice.

Lady Gaga shirt with shiny black pants? Again, this is not a look worthy of the red carpet

Remember that time when you couldn’t decide what to wear so you just layered a bunch of sheer fishnet/lace inspired pieces? Remember that time it looked awful and you would have been better off in a little black dress?

Another curtain dress….and I still hate it. This is not flattering at all.

Heidi Klum I am disappointed in you!! This dress is outdated and too casual for an awards show (seems to be a common theme this year). I don’t think the shape of her frock is flattering and I don’t like the color either.

Katy Perry went wrong in this dress. The nude is not flattering, her bangs are unfortunate, and the embellishments are awkward. Not a good choice KP.

OH DEAR GOD NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who let him step out of the car like that? I understand that he’s gay, which is awesome for him, but that doesn’t mean he has to dress flamboyantly every opportunity that he gets. Next time, opt for a simple suit which seems to have worked wonders for other stars in the past.

There you have it :). My Grammy opinions! How did you feel about the show? Favorite/least favorites?

Have a great tuesday!

2 thoughts on “Grammys 2010

  1. When I was reading around on various fashion sites critiques the stars attire I found a bunch of people who though Heidi's look was great. She got a lot of good press for it but I don't see why?Thanks for reading :)!

  2. wooowww i agree w/ur last comment…he looks FREAKY!!! (i think it's the eye makeup or something…not to mention the jacket and shoes!!)and i'm sad about Heidi's look, too, that color does not look good on her!i think fergie's is the best – makes her eyes pop – but man…i think she could use like an extra inch above on her chest – i don't think showing that much skin is flatteringi didn't actually watch the grammys – i never know when it's on or what channel! but ur post was very interesting :)

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