February Playlist

It is the month of LOVE! I love love love love love listening to LOVE songs so I decided to give you a list of my all time favorite love songs so you can listen and be in love too. You’ll love it :) (I’m done…promise…love)

Valen”tunes” Playlist (ohhh yeah, I’m just that cheesy)

1) Favorite Girl By: Justin Beiber
2) The Way You Look Tonight By: Maroon 5
(I love their cover of this song, but that may just be because of my undying love for maroon 5)
3) Pirate on the Run By: Pat Monahan
4) Slow Dancing In A Burning Room By: John Mayer
5) Orange Shirt By: Discovery
6) Made For Each Other By: Jack’s Mannequin
7) When The Day Met The Night By: Panic At The Disco
8) Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You Frankie Valli and the 4 Season
9) The Way I Am By: Ingrid Michaelson
10) Holdin’ On By: Citizen Cope
11) C’est L’Amour By: Edith Piaf
12) A Drop In The Ocean By: Ron Pope
13) Ordinary People By: John Legend
14) I Only Have Eyes For You By: Jamie Cullum
15) The Number One By: Atmosphere

As always, the songs most likely don’t flow. They are just my favorite love songs. I have an extremely eclectic taste in music so that’s why my playlists are all over the place.


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