My post yesterday was my 100th

That’s such a milestone! I’m so proud of myself :). I’m coming at you today with a DIY! This is SUCH a fun activity and is easy for adults and kids alike.

Here’s what you need:

-white cake mix
-food coloring
-a cake pan

1) Follow the directions on the back of the cake mix box to make your batter.

2) Pour even amounts of cake mix into 6 smaller bowls
3) Mix the food coloring into the separate bowls. One color per bowl. For the colors that don’t come in the food coloring pack, mix! I’m sure this is common knowlege but I’ll throw it in here anyways. For purple mix your blue and red. For orange mix your red and yellow. For green mix your blue and yellow.

4) This is the fun part!!! You can make a cake or cupcakes using this recipe depending on what works better for you. Get creative! Pour spots of different colors into the pan. Be careful not to purposefully mix the colors. It’s okay if they touch (they should touch!) but don’t stir them together otherwise you’ll end up with an ugly brown color. Have fun with this part (me and the majority of my neighbors had a blast making our creative cupcakes).

5) Go back to the directions on your cake box. Throw your finished masterpieces into the oven. While you are waiting for them to bake you can clean up your kitchen which will surely be a mess.
6) If you aren’t a fan of frosting, you’re in luck. This cake is beautiful with or without frosting!

7) If you ARE a fan of frosting you can mix different colors into your frosting and get creative with that as well :).

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. I want to bring you another one soon!

In other news, today was my very first snow day EVER! I didn’t really benefit from it because my silly school canceled all classes after 5:00pm. My last class of the day on Tuesdays ends at 5:00. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow will be a snow day too :) :)! If it is, I’m going to be sure to take advantage of my day off and get plenty of work done. Hopefully I’ll find time to do some painting. I’m having a much better day today. I’ve also decided to start saving up money for my tattoo because I have decided what I want and where I want it. THIS IS GREAT NEWS!

Have a WONDERFUL day whether it’s snowy or not :)

Here is what I ended up doing for my creative color wheel.

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