Madeline :)

Yesterday was a lovely Valentines day. I didn’t have a date but a big group of my friends and I snagged some dinner at a local Chinese restaurant. I got orange chicken because I LOVE it and had a lot of fun being with people I love. On the way home I was walking a bit ahead of everyone because I wasn’t dressed appropriately for the cold and my feet were frozen!!! I heard two of my friends say my name a few times so I turned around as asked what they were talking about when one of them exclaimed, “You look like Madeline!!!”. At first I was confused (who is madeline?) then I realized they were referring to the cuteeee french cartoon character. If you need a refresher I threw a picture of her below.

I’m so flattered haha. I’m not a redhead but I guess I could see the resemblance? Regardless, I’m sharing this with you because I had completely forgotten how adorable Madeline is and I realize that she is also quite fashionable. So I threw together a Madeline inspired outfit using Polyvore. I had a BLAST making this. Expect at least one polyvore outfit a week :).

I hope you had a wonderful Monday!

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