I apologize :(

For both my absence and absentmindedness. These past few days have been a literal BLUR! Here’s the run-down since I’m sure you all are oh so curious about my personal life.

On Saturday and Sunday I was running back and forth in my hallway trying to move. I used to live in 2501 and now I live in 2512 so luckily I just had to walk about 30 seconds from my old home to my new one. Moving is a LOT of work! I’m probably being dramatic because I really didn’t move too far but it really took it out of me. I’m a really organized person and I get stressed out far too easily so as I moved my belongings to my new apartment it was important that I organized and cleaned along the way. Finally, on Sunday night with SORE limbs and a clean room I decided I was finished. I spent the majority of the evening making my blog button (which isn’t fully functional as I’ve noticed you can’t copy and paste the link below it…I’m working on figuring it out). Later that night I spent some time with a few of my favorite people here at school and got to bed much later than I had originally hoped.

Yesterday I had to get oodles of work done so I woke up at the crack of 11:30 and got to it. I went to the library and checked out a bunch of fashion books (FASCINATING), visited the T-Mobile store so they could fix my phone, finally found some pomegranate molasses at Whole Foods, applied for a job at this wonderful boutique, took a yoga class at my gym, researched for a paper I need to write, ate a bunch of chocolaty delights, wrote in my journal, and helped my neighbor with his marketing homework (which actually ended up being really fun). It was a WONDERFUL day but was so busy that I couldn’t find the time to update for you! So, I’m so sorry. I’ll make up for it by the end of the week :).

Today I wanted to share a polyvore outfit with you that I made because I promised you one a week!!

I have been thinking non-stop about this shirt. I really want to get one :)

Yesterday I thought I looked pretty cute, I wore an adorable knit headband that my fabulous roommate bought for me :). So, of course, I took a picture for you all.

isn’t it adorable? I need to learn how to make one for myself :).

Tonight I made Pomegranate BBQ sauce from scratch. Let me say that again. I made BBQ sauce…FROM SCRATCH! It has such a sweet, wonderful flavor. The recipe makes a lot more than I needed for my tofu so now I have some leftover for other meals! I am so excited to smother everything in it. Last year I couldn’t cook anything and the kitchen scared me, now I can’t get enough of it. Really!! I took some pictures of the process, it’s doesn’t look that appealing because the lighting in our kitchen is crap and my camera isn’t so great either but it was absolutely wonderful.

I wanted so badly to have my giveaway up last week but with the unexpected move it just didn’t happen. I am DETERMINED to get it up this week, FINALLY. While you’re waiting for me, you can check out a great giveaway over at Run With Scissors!

Hmm…closing thoughts….
Tomorrow in my textiles class I’m going to get to knit as part of an assignment :). I am really excited. Tonight I’m going to watch a few movies while I try to get homework done. Sorry this post was all over the place! I just had so much to share!!!


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