The time has arrived my friends :). My very first giveaway!!!!!!

Here’s how it’s going to work:

You can do one, two, or all of the following things to be entered. You will get one entry for each thing you do. Be sure to mention in your comment everything you did so I can account for all your entries.

1) Comment and tell me anything!! Just say hi if you want :). Be sure to leave your name

2) Become a follower of my blog (the link is on the right side of my page)

3) Blog about my giveaway

4) Tweet about my giveaway

5) Add my button to your blog (the html code is working now so you should be able to just copy and paste it!)

So easy, right!? Now…for the goods :).

In case the pictures aren’t descriptive enough (or they won’t load on your computer) let me tell you what you’re getting! A striped bow for your hair, heart shaped magnets, heart shaped clips, an embroidered mustache, AND… I will knit a red hat specifically for my winner (you can choose the style from my etsy shop).

The giveaway will be open for entry until next Sunday (March 5) at midnight.

Have a wonderful day!

15 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hello!Thank you all so much for the comments :).Mel,I cried my eyes out at the end of Time traveler's wife too :). I had to read Persepolis for school, it wasn't my favorite book in the world so I just read part one. But I think that the movie looked really unique!:)

  2. hello! this is my first visit to your blog too. i like your to-do list as well – i've also got one on the go. as for the books – the time traveller's wife was one of my all-time faves – i cried soooo hard while turning the pages at the end. and i've got persepolis as well – did you read parts one and 2? and have you seen the film? it's beautiful how they've made it.

  3. Hello! I'm a relatively new follower to your blog, but you're so cute! I love the embroidered mustache :) facial hair makes me happy (on men that is haha) My name is Amarie, I have a love affair with headbands and vintage dresses, and if you need any ideas for posts, I'd love to know who some of your favorite etsy sellers are!<3

  4. Yay! I love your blog, so cute! and………Im from Chicago too!Great giveawayIm am now a follower, I blogged about your giveaway and I tried to add your button to my page but for some reason it would not work. :(-Steph

  5. i found your blog through justine and i absolutely adore it! i love your 20 before 20 list! and that you are in fashion school in CHICAGO {my fave city} and i love this giveaway!!!crossing my fingers!!

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