Strange things are afoot.

Good news! I studied for a good 5 hours today for my marketing test and I am pretty sure I aced it :). I get so excited when you leave me comments but I’m so busy and scattered that I really haven’t had time to reply. Please know that I really appreciate it and read them about a million times while I pretend like I’m cool (and maybe famous? haha I’m a crazy person).

Today in my textiles class we were supposed to knit (this is the third week in case any of you were counting) and ONCE AGAIN there was a last minute change of plans and my project was left neglected in my backpack. It’s okay though! Next week we are supposed to get the opportunity to knit so I’m staying optimistic.

Not too much can get me down this week because I’m going to visit my best friend this weekend and I get to see her school for the first time!

(this is an ANCIENT picture. We have no good, recent shots)
We’re really goofy. Her birthday is in two weeks so my mini road trip will be an early celebration of her big 2-0. I can’t wait to give her the weird/random presents I’m finishing up this week. It’s going to be so much fun!! Since she occasionally reads my blog, I can’t post sneak peeks of what I’m making. But I’ll be sure to take pictures and do a post about them after the fact.

I also want to direct you to a site that I found earlier today with a bunch of free knitting patterns on it. I’m pretty excited about it (finding good free patterns is like finding gold). You can check it out here.

Have a wonderful night!

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