I can’t sleep…

I’m doing about a million things right now and not one of them involves the letter Z and pillows.

Since I have so much energy, I figured I’d make my post for the day.

First, I wanted to share some pictures from my road trip. I had a blast and I think that Kristina and I have found a replacement for the picture that best describes our friendship.

Yes, that chicken is wearing a bikini.

The rest of the trip seems pretty busy. Here are few pictures to break it down for you…

taking pictures of myself on the drive there….

the view was pretty from my little red car


my best friend is so pretty

her and her boyfriend (they’re the cutest couple you’ll ever meet)

home again :).

Yesterday Kristina took me to Indianapolis. I shopped a little bit because my mama sent me some money but I didn’t buy much because I still need to get groceries for the week. I’m really excited about my purchases though. I got a couple cute hair bows from forever 21 (even though I’m really opposed to shopping there), a pair of boyfriend jeans from pacsun (NEW OBSESSION), and an adorable floral scarf from H&M. I’ll be sure to share pictures as I wear my new things. I will also start to share more outfit pictures as the weather warms up and my outfits start getting cuter. Something about a gigantic coat over jeans and a T-shirt just doesn’t seem all that noteworthy.

If you’re new here, be sure to leave a comment and say hello :). I love new readers! You can follow me by clicking on the “follow” button of my google friend connect. You can ask me questions in my formspring (link also on the right side of my page) and you can skim through some of the lovely blogs I read on a regular basis. I’m really happy to have you here.

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway. I’m so excited to have new readers and to discover new blogs! Absolutely wonderful. Now, without further adieu…
The winner of the giveaway is….

Ashley!! Please send me an email at malori(dot)ungvarsky(at)loop(dot)colum(dot)edu with your address and the kind of hat you want me to make for you (check my etsy!).

See you all tomorrow

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