it is BEAUTIFUL outside today :)

I didn’t sleep again last night (I really shouldn’t make this a habit because I truly hate sleeping all day to catch up) and when the sun rose I was greeted with AWESOME weather. It is a whopping 60 degrees out today buSt still a bit overcast. I am LOVING every second of it :). I can’t wait until I get all my cute spring dresses from Phoenix over spring break!

Like I said, last night I went to see Shutter Island. I think I liked it… It was really confusing (lots of crazy plot twists) but overall really good. The only thing I was disappointed in was the ending. I feel like it left a lot of loose ends but I also like that it didn’t answer all my questions because I still can’t stop thinking about it today! I would say it’s definitely worth a watch.

I’ve been truly slacking on getting anything crafty done recently. I definitely go in waves of productivity and I’m on a downturn right now. I’m not too concerned about it because it’s mid-semester and I think everyone loses a little steam right before a much needed break. I’ve also been busy looking for an apartment or condo to live in next year. Does anyone know of good ways to go about finding a place? I feel like there are a million places to look at and few that match what I need and I’m having trouble narrowing down my search. I’d truly appreciate any helpful hints!

Since I abhor posting and not giving you any pictures, I decided I’d share an artist with you that has been inspirational to me recently.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

I love his work because it was rather controversial when it produced it. I like the burlesque subjects in his pieces and the dark colors he uses. He’s pretty great :).

Have a good day!


3 thoughts on “it is BEAUTIFUL outside today :)

  1. hey, I noticed that you haven't got many visits to your blog(evn though you started last september, and I'm not trying to be mean). I would suggest making a facebookpage, promoting your blog everywhere(safely). And to tell your friend to tell their friends, to tell their friend,etc…hope this helps :)xo, stefanie

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