tattoo envy

Today was lovely day! I feel so cheesy saying that, but I’m sticking to it. I accompanied one of my friends on a trip to the tattoo parlor (saloon? place?) because she was getting a little addition to her hand :).

It is finally warming up in Chicago so I took the opportunity to wear a dress. I felt a little bit like a librarian when I threw my cardigan over it so I opted to leave it out of the picture.

hair flower: Forever 21
dress: Mac and Jack
shoes: Steve Madden

I am absolutely entranced by everything to do with tattoos. I don’t have a job right now and my parents aren’t especially fond of the idea of their baby girl being inked up, so getting any work done isn’t an option right now. However, as soon as I have a job and some of my own money, I can’t wait to get my first piece of art.

I desperately want a tattoo by the extremely talented and unique Amanda Wachob.

I am also 100% in love with words anywhere on the body. I think that words have this incredible power and mysterious beauty. I’m an odd one but I could stare at words for hours. I think that everything from the composition of the letters to the way they look when placed next to each other is captivating. Enough mal… Here are some tattoos with text that I can’t get enough of.


Tomorrow is the big day! St. Patrick’s parade day that is… I go home a week from today and I have a LOT of work to get done before I leave (silly midterms) so this week will be a bit chaotic. I hate that I never share anything I do for class so I’m going to attempt to share a bit this week :). The painting I made for my New Millennium Studies class that I kept promising to share has STILL not been returned to me. I forgot to take a picture of it before I handed it in so when I get it back I’ll share :). (do you think I said the word “share” enough?)


One thought on “tattoo envy

  1. St. Pattys in Chicago is amazing! Did you ever get to go to the South Side Irish Parade before it stopped? That was my favorite. P.s Now you have me all inspired to design a tattoo again! lolHave a wonderful day!-Steph

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