One more day of class…

I ROCKED my marketing midterm tonight. I feel like a million dollars right now. I feel so good that I’m okay with using a cliche! Tomorrow I have two classes but no midterms and one of my classes is meeting in the park so we can enjoy the weather!! I AM BEYOND EXCITED! If I can sneak a few pictures I will, but I doubt my teacher will want us to have a quickie photo shoot in the middle of class…

This week has been pretty wonderful despite all of the chaos that’s been swirling around. I’ve been doing pretty good with my midterms (studying MIGHT help…I guess I’ll admit it…) and even though I’ve had to put my crafty projects to the side for a few days, it’s been nice to take a break. I’ve had a lot of time to myself which I simply adore and it’s been FULL of music. I usually bring you one playlist a month so I figured I should hop to it for your March list seeing as how the month is more than halfway over.

Spring Songs

1) Little Secrets By: Passion Pit
2) Best For Last By: Adele
3) Leave the Light On By: Priscilla Ahn
4) Hills and Valleys By: The Rocket Summer
5) Summertime By: Sublime
6) Hurricane By: Something Corporate
7) Always Will Be By: Raining and OK
8) Many the Miles By: Sarah Barellis
9) Short Skirt, Long Jacket By: Cake
10) Summer In The City By: Regina Spektor

Other fun things that are going on:
1) My roommate let me borrow her nailpolish and it is SO CUTE. I also realized looking at other blogs that this color on nails is all kinds of popular right now. Who knew?!

2) Chelsea-Rebecca is having an ADORABLE giveaway over on her blog. You should really check it out because, let’s be real here, no one wants to refuse free stuff.

3) It’s St. Patrick’s day. Celebrate by wearing some green :). Here are some pictures of my friends and I from the day of the parade. Since I have class tomorrow I’m not really celebrating today… oops! But I had plenty of fun on Saturday to make up for my lack of fun tonight.

It was rainy and yucky on Saturday hence my matted down hair and sickly look. Silly Chicago weather…Not too flattering in pictures.

4) I’ve been asked what Etsy shops I frequent. I’m going to hopefully pull a post together later this week with that information. If you have a question you’d like me to address on my blog or something that has nothing to do with anything, feel free to ask on my formspring! The link is on the right side of my page, or you can just click here.

5) Last, but not least, I finally gave in this afternoon and bought a tank top from Gold Saturn. Seriously, I’m dying to have a few of their other items but I’ll have to buy them one at a time because I really shouldn’t be shopping at all… Online shopping will be the death of me.

I hope you all have a fabulous evening,

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