I missed your sugar yesterday!

I’m so silly! It didn’t even occur to me that it was Sunday. Breaks really mess with my head and my concept of time/days. I’ll just wait until next week for your sugar :).

Today was a really relaxing day. I’m shocked that I even know how to relax! I woke up early and got breakfast at this CUTEE new restaurant in my hometown. If you live in the Phoenix area, you really should check out The Hillside Spot.
The menu is unique, the prices are affordable, the atmosphere is warm and friendly, and the food is first rate. From what I understand, it is modeled after another restaurant there that I simply adore, La Grande Orange. I got a breakfast sandwich. It was SO filling and wonderful. It had avocado, tomato, scrambled eggs, chorizo, and mayo on it.

My friend and I sat on the patio so I could enjoy the weather and I ended up getting a rectangular sunburn on my chest. I had a cardigan on over my dress this morning so nothing else got burnt, thank god! Speaking of what I wore…

dress: Fire LA
shoes: Steve Madden
Are you noticing a theme with the shoes? Steve is my man and everything I buy from him fits me like a glove. Plus, I can afford it! Hop on the train friends :)

After I got back from breakfast (which sort of turned into lunch) I threw on a swimsuit, grabbed a book, and read by my pool for a couple hours. It was GREAT! It wasn’t too hot out so I had a wonderful time. Laying in the sun definitely takes it out of me though, so I watched some tv and took a nap after. I’m feeling really lazy but I am actually enjoying it.

Day two of break?


2 thoughts on “I missed your sugar yesterday!

  1. yay for spring break!!that dress is sooo cute!and i love steve madden, too! they have such great sizes – i'm a 5/5.5 and they always fit ^_^you're making me want to go to arizona!! :)

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