Relaxing day!

I woke up bright and early this morning to go to a surprise breakfast for my mama’s dance team. It’s a tradition for the 8th grade girls to kidnap the 7th grade girls and take them to breakfast once a year and I just happened to be in town for the event so I decided to tag along. I danced when I was in middle school so it was fun to see the team now (even though I don’t know too many of the girls).

It was a little chilly today (by Arizona standards) but I still wanted to wear a dress, so I slipped on this little number. It is one of the most comfortable things I own and I love when I get the chance to wear it.

Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Dress: Ella Moss
Shoes: Steve Madden

At the breakfast, I got to see a girl who used to be in my small group. She’s like one my kids :). The light in Mimi’s was not the most flattering thing in the world, but we snagged a picture together for you!

I’m dying as a result of TERRIBLE allergies so I’ve been pretty low key these past couple days. I spent a few hours reading on my couch today and grabbed coffee with one of my friends. It is always so nice to see people when I’m home :). Now I’m off to make cookies with another friend! If you’re lucky I’ll take pictures and share with you tomorrow.


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