Hello there :)

Today I got my hair cut…well…trimmed. I really needed it too. See how cute? It’s not really any different, I just wanted to keep it healthy because I’m trying to grow it out.

I also started packing to go back to school (YIPPIE!) and I am realizing how many dresses I have. I LOVE it. I don’t think I’ll be able to fit all my spring clothes and shoes into my suitcase for the trip back to school.

Not too much else is going on… I’m still feeling really down because of these awful allergies. It’s so annoying! I really can’t wait until I go back to Chicago.

Before I head out, I wanted to share a really interesting blog with you. This artist is trying to sketch every person in New York. Have any of you see or heard about him? His blog is awesome!

His sketches range from extremely basic to very detailed depending on how much time he has to sketch his subject. My favorites are the really busy drawings. I’m not sure why because they really resemble scribbles more than anything, but I love all the layers! They’re so neat. You can see all his work at his blog.

Have a lovely evening :)

6 thoughts on “Haircut!

  1. Anon– I have no idea haha. It was kind of an A-line bob if I had to guess at a name. It was longer in the front than in the back and I had sideswept bangs. I loved that style while I had it, so much fun :). I could send a better picture if you'd like?

  2. Your blog is soooo adorable I love it!!♥ and am also trying to grow my hair super long! Well not super long but long…..i think it looks like those old Greek princesses hahahaha! it looks really nice I’ll be checking in to see those long locks latter on….Take care♥

  3. Ahh! I meant to message you and ask you if Saturday was good because I'm doing a couple haircuts that afternoon and would have all my supplies out. I'm glad you got it done though :) Did you/are you going to get it colored?

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