7 pounds

I was never really interested in spending too much time watching movies growing up. Of course I have seen all the Disney classics and a bunch of other top notch films, but I’ve always been too impatient to sit through movies when I know there is so much else I could and should be doing.

Being an avid list-maker, I’ve always had pieces of paper floating around my various dwellings with hastily scribbled titles of movies I want to see “when I have the time”. I won’t lie, I’ve never really believe that I’d have time to sit down and watch any of those movies I had on those hundreds of lists. But something changed when I went to college. I’ve started to watch movies, and I’ve also started to fall madly in love. I still don’t usually have the focus to give these movies my undivided attention, but I’m getting better.

Today I was feeling particularly lethargic, so I decided to give in and watch a flick. I bought 7 pounds from target a long time ago because it was on sale and I knew that I would be in love with it. I’ve heard that it’s a really sad movie (which is right up my alley) so I’ve sort of been saving it for the perfect day. I finally decided to watch it and I can’t believe I waited this long to see it :(. It is WONDERFUL!!!! Have any of you seen it? If not, I would highly recommend it. I can’t really tell you what it’s about without ruining it so just suffice it to say, you need to watch this movie immediately.

The rest of the night my bro will be here with me (visiting for Easter). So I’m cooking him a yummy Pan Roasted Chicken with Lemon Garlic Green Beans. Recipe found over at Real Simple. It’s in the oven as we speak, I can’t wait for it to be done!!

See you tomorrow for a quick Easter post!

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