Flint and Grand Funk

I’m baaacckk!! I wasn’t really gone for long but it still feels great to be here again. I was going to share my knitting tricks and tips post today but I’m too excited about my road trip pictures so my knitting post will have to wait for monday. That’s good news for you though! If you have any questions you want me to address comment them here or on my formspring.

I knit up a flower and I’m not sure how I feel about it… I’ll have to keep trying different methods. This guy is supposed to be a rose. I don’t think I like the bulk of it but it could be really cute on a hat or something of the sort.

What do you think? The more I look at it the more I like it :). Maybe I just have to give it a chance to grow on me ;)

Yesterday was a FULL day but it was a lot of fun. Ben and I got started bright and early (8:00am) so that we would make it to flint and flat rock and back all in one day. We’re ambitious…

It was REALLY rainy and miserable when we started. I was wearing shorts (not a good choice) but we had a while to drive and it was warm in the car. As soon as we got out of Illinois, I fell asleep for a bit. After my quick nap we cranked the music and rolled down the windows because the rain had slowed down and fresh air on a road trip is THE BEST!

(changing the music)

We were cruising along when all of the sudden we spotted a “Welcome to Ohio” sign. Not good kids, we were shooting for Michigan… Turns out we got on the wrong highway after stopping for gas and it had taken us about two hours out of our way. So we turned around and started heading back to where we got lost so we could continue our journey. The MOMENT we escaped Ohio the weather cleared up COMPLETELY and was beautiful.

Our first stop was Swartz Creek.

It’s such a cute little town (and the home of Grand Funk Railroad). We drove around and took some pictures of the area. The stores were interesting…to say the least.

After we’d had our fill of Swartz Creek, we headed towards Flint to see the Grand Trunk Railroad and some of the most famous graffiti around (if you’re into classic rock). Flint isn’t so exciting… Actually, scary might be a more accurate word to describe it.

(leaving swartz creek)

and finallllyyyy…
we arrived!

It was a LONG drive just for a few pictures but I’m a nerd and simply adore road trips so I had a blast.
Our next stop was Flat Rock to stop by the Mustang Factory (this really was a boy trip). Flat rock was not quite as cute as Swartz Creek. Actually, in my opinion it wasn’t so cute at all (given we just saw the area where the factory is).

After the factory, we started the longgg drive back. Every hotel we drove by seemed to be screaming our names (driving is TIRING!) but we stuck it out and drove the car back to my brother’s college. We got there just in time to drop off the car and catch the train back to the city. We were EXHAUSTED and looked almosttt as good as we felt.

hahaha yucky…

All in all it was a wonderful little road trip. I saw the comment on my last post from my reader who has never been on a road trip before and I have to say, get on it girl! Road trips are my favorite :). Does anyone have fun road trip stories to share? I’d love to read yours.

Also, I’ve noticed a few new followers (HI!!) and decided that when I get to 100 followers on my google friend connect I’ll have another giveaway. So post those buttons on your sidebars and tell your friends.

Have a lovely night

2 thoughts on “Flint and Grand Funk

  1. Road trips are the best! Even if its just going away for a day, getting out of town is always fun. I like your knitted flower too. I'm looking forward to your knitting post, its something I'm keen to get back into.

  2. I love your knitted flower and I think it would make a lovely brooch! Especially is you added a leaf or maybe another slightly smaller rose. Either way I am super in awe of your knitting talent! Keep it up girly girl!

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