Johnny Cupcakes

Yesterday I was researching for a project for my Intro to Marketing class when I came across the Johnny Cupcakes website. I’ve been familiar with the brand for years but I’ve never invested any time into learning about how Johnny Cupcakes came to be. After I read his story, I was so inspired that I knew I had to share with all of you :).

If you have a spare moment, I would really recommend reading the entire story here. But if you don’t, I’ll recap the best I can!

The company started out of the suitcase of a young band member who always knew he didn’t want to work a 9-5 job. With virtually no advertising, he created a multi-million dollar business that stays 100% true to his original vision. He dropped out of college after one semester because he didn’t drink or party and realized that college was too much about the social mishaps than the learning. I’m not planning on dropping out of college, but I am in awe of his ability to create his wonderful business in the way he did. Please go read and fall in love with his success story.

Do any of you ever think about what your success story would be? I think about it all the time because I’m a dreamer.

I’ll see you tomorrow :). I have oodles of homework that I need to catch up on so that I can have fun when my weekend rolls around.


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