Hi small town coffee house

I am a city girl. I like the sounds of traffic, the constant motion, the skeezy strip clubs next to the schools. I love being surrounded by weird people and concrete. I love that the only green I see has been planned by someone. I love the organization of the buildings and the grid-like structure of the streets. I adore the cold looks I get from people on the subway and even the weird sticky substance I stepped in two weeks ago. I love that you can see the skyline of the city from far away and I live for the views from the tops of some of the buildings. I belong in a city.

The country however? Not so much… I hate when people give you directions that end with “if you see the blue house next to the above ground community pool, you’ve gone too far”. I despise the winding roads full of diverse houses that all seem to loop together. I hate the closed minded individuals who shamelessly look me up and down as I walk the street in my heels and dress. I hate the bland restaurants and the complaints from elderly customers (“You have TOO MANY OPTIONS”). I can’t stand the lack of a night life. I loathe just about everything about it actually. There are some things I enjoy about small towns though. I like the mom and pop shops. I like that everyone seems to know everyone (I also hate this. No privacy!). I like the odd kind of culture that comes from people living their whole lives in the place where they were born. It’s rather interesting… I guess I can’t complain about the scenery either. It’s rather beautiful.

I’m not sure if I’m going to go crazy being here or if I’ll find a way to be ultra productive. I have a lot of knitting to get done before fall rolls around and it’s time to re-stock my shop. I closed it down for the rest of summer because when I moved out of my dorm I had to put my completed goods into storage. Have no fear, I’ll have everything up and running in time for the colder months! Any requests? I want to cater to your needs :). I know what I like, but I’m always open to suggestions and criticism. If you’re too shy to criticize me openly, feel free to comment on my formspring.

Right now I’m working on some of my goals for my 20 before 20. I’ve been SERIOUSLY slacking due to the insanity that was this past semester at school. Sadly, I don’t think I got straight A’s (Damn you art history and your dates that I can’t memorize). But I think that all A’s and one B is pretty darn close so I’m going to give myself that goal. Congrats woman! I’m going to try and crochet a little something so that I can cross that goal off the list and if I can find a cute felting project I can knock that out too.

One of my dear friends (one of my oldest friends too!) Nick lives in the lovely Washington DC. Since I’m a relatively short drive away from him, I’m considering making the trip out to see him. I absolutely love road trips and it’s been way too long since Nick and I have spent any quality time together. I really miss that boy. If I do decide to make that trip, you will all be bombarded with a billion pictures of our trip. I’m still on the fence about it (and I have to get the okay from my parents) but it’s a possibility. I’m excited by the prospect of it!

Alright, I think I’ve written MORE than enough for one day. I’ll be back tomorrow, updating you on my life from my little corner of this coffee house :). For now, I’m off to hit up a thrift store or two and get some groceries. I’m making ratatouille!


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