Coloful Coffins…?

Seriously, every time I look at Design for Mankind I am beyond inspired. Today is no exception. What I found today was a link to a website where a collection of wonderfully talented artists have decorated their own coffins. Yes, you read that correctly. Does it get any cooler? I doubt it…

Here are a few of my favorites:

Kate Slater

Estibaliz Hernandez

Alexandra Hedberg

Abi Daker

Natsuki Otani

SO BEAUTIFUL! I’m absolutely fascinated with death (yeah I know, that’s not normal. Blah blah blah) and this is right up my alley. In other news, I’m expecting to get my camera today (CAN’T WAIT) and I’m hitting up a couple thrift stores. Someone asked me where in Ohio I was, I’m near Lima. Not a whole lot going on here… Still contemplating that road trip :).

I’ll be back in my coffee shop tomorrow updating you all on the small town happenings.


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