Due to my internet issues

I have to come to this cute coffee shop every day to post. I’m not really complaining because it’s pretty adorable here, but when I come here I always seem to forget the cord to connect my camera to my computer and I also always end up spending about $5 on drinks and other coffee house goodies. So, in short, I’m going to be really poor because of blogging. I’m choosing to blame all of you. Good job…

In other news, I made my ratatouille and it is DELICIOUS! It was a lot of work but I’d say completely worth it. When I finally remember to put the pictures on my computer, I’ll be sure to share. It looks really pretty (the picture quality is not so good due to my grandma’s distracting granite counter tops) but you’ll get the idea.

I’ve had a lot of time to get dressed in the mornings so here’s a quick outfit picture.

dress: online (I can’t remember where! I bought it last summer)
tights: Forever 21 (you can’t see these)
shoes: Steve Madden (you can’t see these either tee hee hee)

I’m going crazyyyy here in the country so I’ve decided to head back to Chicago for the weekend. I CAN’T WAIT! Man alive, I love that city :). I think it’s supposed to be a bit of a surprise but I’m really bad at containing secrets. Especially when they make me this happy!

Today I have to get the oil changed in my little car, find a yarn store (or maybe I’ll just wait till I’m home and go to Nina knitting or Loopy), and get some knitting done. I read a WHOLE BOOK yesterday in one sitting. I’ll put the information up on my sidebar (I realized I’m running a bit behind on the updates there) when I have the book sitting in front of me. I’m SO determined to read all the books I need before my birthday. I may have set my goals a little TOO high. But it’s better than not having any goals at all :). In sociology my senior year of high school I learned that people who set goals (whether or not they achieve them) do better in life [than people who do not set goals] because they are at least trying. I definitely took that to heart.

Alright I do believe that about sums it up for me today. Due to the excess of time I think I’ve been giving you WAY more information than you care to read. I’m thinking about knitting up some more hair flowers and I may have a mini giveaway of one of them soon. I’m just so excited about how cute they are!!! I’ll see you all tomorrow (hopefully).


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