Yesterday was actually surprisingly fun (considering my solo road trip). I decided since I still haven’t given you a May playlist, and I’m pretty much out of time, that I’d share the absolutely ridiculous playlist I listened to while on the road. Well, actually just part of it since I got carried away and put over 400 songs on it :).

I’d like to preface this by saying that someone who really cares about classic rock is probably rolling over in their grave knowing that I put Ke$ha alongside Grand Funk Railroad. Oops!

1) Booty Call By: Ke$ha
2) Mean Mistreater By: Grand Funk Railroad
3) Ridin Solo By: Jason Derulo
4) Pride and Joy By: Stevie Ray Vaughn
5) Tiny Dancer By: Elton John
6) Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You By: Led Zeppelin
7) Feel Like Makin’ Love By: Bad Company
8) Bullet and a Targe By: Citizen Cope
9) Animal By: Neon Trees
10) One Way Out By: The Allman Brothers Band
11) 99 Problems By: Jay Z
12) Like a Boss By: The Lonely Island
13) Some Kind of Wonderful By: Grand Funk Railroad
14) Ten Days By: Missy Higgins
15) Owner of a Lonely Heart By: Yes

Of course, there was a bunch of Maroon 5 on there as well, but I feel like I always give you Maroon 5 so I changed it up :). I always feel the need to reiterate that my musical taste is ALL over the board and my playlists rarely flow together “normally”. Having said that, I hope you enjoy some or all of it :)!

Also, while I was on the road, I came across what is possibly THE BEST ROAD EVER…

are you ready…?

BUTT ROAD! Yes, I pulled over to the side of the road to take a picture of this road sign because I was laughing so hard I probably would have wrecked the car had I kept driving. What would it be like to live on Butt Road?! SO FUNNY! This is gold…

Another funny roadside sight (although not NEARLY as hilarious as Butt) was this little guy…

This tree was hairy in the wrong places. Poor little guy, probably gets ridiculed by all its tree friends for being a weirdo.

That’s all I have to share from yesterday :). I’m on a bit of a schedule with my knitting so it’s back to work for me! I’m sure I’ll want to take breaks so you can feel free to ask me questions on my formspring. I love to answer them. Also, someone asked how they could go about buying one of my knit hair flowers. First let me say I how excited I am that someone wants one. I may have squealed a bit with glee when I read that comment. When I get a few done I’ll be sure to post some for sale in my Etsy shop for those who want to purchase one :).

See you tomorrow!

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