With the three day weekend and the small town, I’ve been TRAPPED in a mostly internetless world. It’s been hell my friends. But FINALLY the shops are open again and I can drink my coffee and blog at my leisure :). This weekend was quite eventful. Here’s the rundown…

On Saturday, I went to a FANTASTIC antique store. This place was absolutely gigantic. I’ve been shopping there for years every time I visit my family in Ohio and never even realized until this trip that THEY HAVE A BASEMENT TOO! I was in heaven. I took some pictures of the store but I just realized I didn’t photograph anything I bought. How silly… I’ll have to give that its own post :). I scored some sweeeeet stuff though. I’m not much of a thrifter but from time to time, I love to hunt down some treasures.

I wanted this sign SO badly for my apartment but it wasn’t for sale. I don’t know why I was so in love with it but I think it’s pretty awesome.

I loveee old containers. I really love jars and containers in general…

How beautiful is this coat?! It was too big and out of my price range, but it was in such good condition. Someone will love it veryyy much.

Creepy doll…

The rest of the day Saturday I spent time with my grandma. We rented some movies and I cooked some delicious pomegranate BBQ tofu and cajun french fries. I think the majority of the things I cook are from Vegan with a Vengeance. Why is it so gooood?

On Sunday, I was without internet again so I spent the day resting and trying to feel healthy again. If you recall, I was sick the week of finals with strep throat. Well, I’ve been feeling sick AGAIN and a trip to the doctor today confirmed that I had strep AGAIN. I usually don’t lay around this much but I’ve been feeling so sick :(. Hopefully this time the medicine will wipe it out completely and I’ll be back to my energetic self. I went to bed early on Sunday night and woke up bright and early on memorial day for the Buckland Parade.

well hello there small town livin… I hate you…

My little cousin wasn’t too interested in the parade.

Here are some of my favorite “floats”. (Do you still call them that even if they’re just cars? I don’t know!)

Buckland’s Cutest Twins

The “Ass Porkchop” lawnmower from the Wapakoneta Mower Derby

And, of course, my grandma’s float! It started pouring down rain right before she got to us so they put the top up and we couldn’t see her :(.

After the parade, we spent some time with my aunt’s family then my grandma and I stopped by the cemetery to pay our respects to her parents, grandparents, and brother. I absolutely adore graveyards. I think they’re extraordinarily peaceful and beautiful so I was really excited to be there. Is it against the rules to take pictures of headstones? If so… I broke the rules.

I don’t know why I was so fascinated by this trash can full of flowers, but I took about a thousand pictures of it. It seemed so interesting to me! Maybe it was the fact that the discarded flowers were picked out lovingly for the deceased and met their end as well.

To sum it up, I’ll share a few “shop talk” things with you.
1) I’ve been doing GREAT with my knitting goals. I’ve made two scarves, one earwarmer, half of a hat, and almost all of a turtle. I also knit up some CUTE headbands.
2) I get to see my family TOMORROW! I’m really excited. I haven’t seen my baby brother since march and he’s just about my favorite person in the world. I’m over the moon right now
3) I am sponsoring The Dainty Squid this month, so head over to see my ad created by the lovely Courtney.
4) One of my lovely blog friends (and my very first official reader!) made me the cutestttt header. Expect to see it soon. You can find her blog here. Thanks Justine!
5) I also LOVE when you ask me questions on formspring. So feel free to ask anything your little heart desires!
6) Follow me on twitter if you want to most recent goings-on in my life.

Have a WONDERFUL day

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