The First Half of the Story

As you all know, I’ve been in Ohio for a few weeks visiting family. What you may not know, is the real reason I’ve been here.

top: Nordstrom
jeans: Pac Sun
Shoes: Steve Madden

My lovely grandmother has owned a dance studio in Ohio for 50 years. She has built an extremely successful business and has had quite an impact on her community. She has three daughters and eight grand kids and all of us have come back to be a part of this special 50th recital. We are in one of the dances and yesterday was devoted to learning the dance (keep in mind that the recital is TONIGHT). I took a bunch of pictures of the learning process but perhaps it will be funnier if you learn a little about our dance backgrounds.

(in order of height)
Dylan, 18 years old: Danced briefly as a youngster, was involved in theater in high school
Bo, 24 years old: May have danced for a year as a YOUNGSTER
Brock, 21 years old: Danced and tumbled for five years
Sean, 14 years old: Danced for a year or two when he was but a toddler
Bryce, 11 years old: Danced and tumbled for most of his life. I don’t think he dances anymore
Brayden, 8 years old: I don’t think he’s ever danced. Maybe for a year

(aunt) Sherry: Danced much of her life, coached cheerleading teams, and taught dance intermittently
Leena: Danced much of her life and tumbled and was on countless cheerleading teams
(mom) Kim: Danced much of her life, taught dance, and tumbling for many years and still teaches tumbling to her P.E. students
Me: I danced for 15 years and tumbled for most of those years
(aunt) Deb: Danced all her life and teaches for my grandma’s studio to this very day

Having said that, here are some pictures…

And this is my grandma practicing for her big dance

After rehearsals, we all went to my grandpa’s pond and my smallest cousin caught a HUGE fish.

I’ll post tomorrow about the first performance (the show runs for two nights). Wish me luck!!


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