This afternoon I tried to re-create the necklace that I showed you yesterday, and I’m rather pleased with the results. So pleased, in fact, that I decided to offer my process to you so that you can make your own!

Here’s the finished picture of mine:

To make your own, here’s what you’ll need:

jersey knit fabric (I used old T-Shirts)
embroidery floss

1) cut your fabric into 1/4-1/2in. strips in varying lengths. The number of strips you cut at each length is at your discretion. I chose to cut more long strips than short ones so I wouldn’t look like I’m choking.

2) lay your strips out by length and mix up the colors of the fabric. That way you won’t have clumps of each color next to eachother

3)take one end of each strip of fabric and hold them together. Once you have them all pinched together, sew them so that they’re secure

4)Repeat that step with the other side. Try to keep the ends in mostly the same order as the other side. If they get too twisted it might look a little funky.

5) Cut three strips of fabric in any length you choose (all three the same length). Keep in mind that this will determine how low your necklace will hang so plan accordingly. Braid these three pieces.

6) Sew one end of the braid to each end of the necklace

7) Cut Two thicker strips of fabric (at least 1″). Sew one end through a few pieces of your fabric near the braid then wrap the fabric tightly around the edge to cover up the end. When you run out of fabric, throw a few stitches into the end of the wrap to secure it. Repeat this for both sides.

8) You’re done! Throw on your necklace and show it off and be excited that it didn’t cost you $50-$150.

If you make one please leave me a link to a place where I can see yours! I’d love to see what you come up with.

That’s pretty much all I accomplished with my day today. I hope your day was wonderful too :)


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