Design for Mankind…again

I can’t get enough of this blog. It’s out of control. I hate to keep reblogging from Design for Mankind, but it’s just SO GOOD!

Here’s the most recent find that I can’t get enough of…

You can see them on Design for Mankind or here!

Aren’t they incredible? I’d LOVE to put one in my apartment but I don’t think they’re for sale. If I’m wrong, please please please correct me. I’m obsessed.

I also wanted to share a little about The Sketchbook Project. I’m not much of an artist when it comes to depicting actual things, so I generally steer clear of sketchbooks (I’m a perfectionist…what can I say?). But when I saw this earlier today, it was too good to pass up. You can read all about it here. The theme I chose is Nightmere. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun and I definitely think you should participate as well!

I’m considering doing more than one sketchbook. One for the project and another just in my spare time. Maybe I’ll throw that on my goal list as a bonus goal :).

One more thing I want to share today is this lovely blog. This TALENTED woman spends $1 each day on a garment from a thrift/antique store or flea market or garage sale, then she alters it to make it modern and adorable. These are a few of my favorites…

I found her blog via Yarn Happiness (another adorable blog you should check out).

Today I spent some time with one of my favorite Arizonans and got started on a baby beanie. It hasn’t been the most productive, but I’m trying to be a little lazy since that’s what summer is for. I’ve been going through my bookmarked tabs of DIY projects and I’m going to try and get a bunch of them done this summer since I have time :). I’ll see you all tomorrow.


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