Stop Shopping…why…that’s preposterous!!!

This year while I was far away from home and jobless, I sort of stopped shopping. I didn’t have any money, and going into stores I loved was basically a form of sadistic torture. Needless to say, taking a break was the right thing to do…or was it?! What I never realized was that a lot of my inspiration comes from shopping. Clothing, furniture, accessories, and even organizational office items all carry a certain charm that lights this tiny fire inside me that screams “GO MAKE SOMETHING!”. In light of that, I’ve started online shopping again. There are already about a million projects I have decided MUST be done and I’m furnishing a new apartment come August so I can’t wait to beautify it. I’m trying to narrow down some ideas of how I want my space to look (keep in mind I still don’t know where I’m living), and I think I have a general feel that I want to create. Here are a few pictures that have inspired me:

Carrie Bradshaw’s renovated apartment from the first Sex and the City Movie

as far as I know, all of these images are from here.

Today was my first day at work and it went pretty well :). It’s a little boring, but I need the money and the day goes by quickly so I’ll be alright! I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully with something handmade but I can’t promise that due to my new schedule.


Throw in your two cents.

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