Maroon 5

My closest friends know that my love for maroon 5 far exceeds my love for any other band. I cannot get enough of them. Yesterday was a bit of a rough day, I worked from 7 till 4:30 then I babysat from 5 till 11. I was exhausted and a little grumpy and had a legit headache. When I finally headed home, I turned up the radio in my little car and began to spin through my presets. I saw Maroon 5 as the artist on one station then realized that the song title was one that was not already in my collection. I nearly cried from excitement. THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER!! Not only did it make my whole day, it definitely made my week, AND brightened the next few months. And when the high I got from it wears off…THEIR CD WILL COME OUT AND I WILL HAVE THE HAPPIEST YEAR EVER.

I think everyone should love Maroon 5 as much as I do, so here’s a youtube video with the new song.

Also, I’m working on finding a graphic designer to help me make my new logo among other things. I know what I want but I don’t have the software on my computer. Ideally, I would like to work with someone who doesn’t charge too awfully much (I’m poor). If you’re interested, I’d like to see examples of your work. I want this to be everything I’ve built it up to be in my imagination so I’m going to shop around for a bit before I make a decision! If you’re interested or know of someone who does good work, send them my way. You can email me at the address listed on my sidebar :).

Also, is formspring dead? I love answering questions and I think it’s so fun. So ask me questions!!!


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