My computer got sick!

Sorry I’ve been gone all weekend. My computer had to go to the shop so I couldn’t update. The highlight of my weekend was most definitely baking lavender cupcakes. From the moment I found out that they existed, I couldn’t get them off my mind. If you have never seen this book before, I highly recommend buying it.

These are literally the best cupcakes that have ever graced my taste buds…AND I MADE THEM!!!

Due to my computer problems, the announcement of my shop name will have to be delayed (also because my dad is slacking…). Also, I’m getting my wisdom teeth out this Thursday so my posting will be a little sparse towards the end of the week when I’m all drugged up. Hopefully I’ll be back to normal by the 4th or 5th and life as I know it will resume.


10 thoughts on “My computer got sick!

  1. Thanks, lady! I saw your link on The Dainty Squid. I just love her blog and now yours looks pretty great, too! Thanks for letting me know about the cookbook! After a long cooking hiatus, I am back and those look SOOOOO good :) Thanks again!!!!

  2. Hello! and welcome :). I posted a link to the amazon page where you can buy the book in the post. But if that isn't working or showing up for some reason, it's called The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook. You won't be sorry if you buy it. Let me know if you make some and how they turn out!

  3. I can't get enough of that cookbook. Chelsea, I am so excited you posted about it and brought it into my life! I've never made cupcakes from scratch before and they are definitely better than the boxed variety! Soo yummy!

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