Hey there new layout!

Something’s different but I can’t seem to put my finger on it…

MY LAYOUT IS FABULOUS! I thought something looked different around here :). How do you feel about the new look? If you love it as much as me, you can pay your respects to Miss. Justine at her blog. She did everything I asked and didn’t really need guidence when she made me this beautiful layout. She’s very affordable and will make sure you’re pleased with your new look before she walks away. Did I mention she’s ridiculous sweet? Seriously, go and check her out.

In other news…I get my wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow morning. I’m pretty anxious about it, but I’m oddly relieved about the idea of getting it out of the way. Also, since I’ll be stuck in bed, I really want to knit until my fingers bleed. Just kidding…but seriously…

Also, I had someone ask when I’m going to share details about my store and thought that I’d share my answer with all of you in case anyone else has been curious. My store is going to be full of knits (hats, scarves, etc). Since it’s SO HOT I feel like sharing details right now would be a little silly, so when the weather starts to break, expect some sneak peeks and little details. Only two more months!!!

I’m going to start a new feature on my blog (hopefully tomorrow) about people with unconventional jobs. I’ve always known that a regular office job was NOT for me but I know that making the switch from profession to passion isn’t always easy to do. If you have a job that you absolutely adore that isn’t really on the beaten path and you’d like to be featured, email me and we’ll chat.

See you all after I recover from my wisdom teeth!

(this is the last picture of me with wisdom teeth ever…)

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