The age old question…

I’m on day three without wisdom teeth and I am BORED OUT OF MY MIND! I am terrible at laying around and doing nothing and three days of it is killing me a little bit. To fill a bit of my time, I baked some chocolate chocolate chip muffins from a box. According to my dad, there is no difference between muffins and cupcakes, but this is something I refuse to believe. Someone who knows, please explain to me what the difference is between these two treats. I know there has to be something!

Here are a few shots that make me wonder if there really is a difference. They just look so damn…cupcake-ish!

My little brother likes to lick the bowl :)

So does anyone know the answer to my cupcake/muffin conundrum? Help me find the answer :)!


6 thoughts on “The age old question…

  1. hello.!I love your blog ..the truth I have no idea how I got here … I think it was a few clicks here and thereI love the people who make crafts .. is very important and a shame that they do not all …Greetings from Monterrey, Mexico

  2. THAT'S WHAT I TOLD HIM! hahaha I said that muffins were bread and cupcakes were cake and he gave me a look that said I was crazy. I'm so happy that I'm completely sane and RIGHT. Thank you for the sweet comments :)

  3. My moms a chef, and she says its basically about the yeast content, making them more bread-like. Even when I couldn't describe it, I've always known there was a difference! :DI've literally just stumbled across your blog and I'm starting to read back into your older posts, and simply falling in love with you! You're incredibly clever, and I just love the way you write here. I'm smiling so much writing this because finding your blog has made me so inspired and so happy!It would mean the world to me if you could check out my blog as well. I'm hosting a giveaway and there are still 2 more days to enter, so feel free!Thanks! Much Love, Norah xxps. my URL is http://thislittleblogbelongstome.blogspot.compps. Hope you feel better. I still have baby teeth, I don't even want to think about wisdom teeth. Eeeeeekp!

  4. Well, cupcakes have frosting and muffins don't. Wiki says a cupcake is: A small cake baked in a paper container shaped like a cup, often with icing on topand a muffin: is a round, yeast-leavened form of bread almost always dusted with cornmeal. So I guess cupcakes are tiny cakes while muffins are more like bread.I love them both!Hope you feel better. I had my 4 wisdom teeth removed once. and I was like 15 so it was extra hard not to move or eat!

  5. I'm sad, because I have no definite answer. I've heard a lot of things – difference in consistency/formula/cooking method; cupcakes have frosting, muffins don't.But now I'm going to ask my dad in the morning, because in my world he knows everything. Haha. :)

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