I had a wonderful weekend…

This weekend was WILDLY productive for me. I’m really excited about it because it’s been a while since I really got a lot done. Instead of throwing too much information at you right away, I decided to share it in little bursts throughout this week :).

I’ll start with Saturday’s outfit.

top: Nanette Lepore
skirt: Forever 21
shoes: Steve madden
hair flower: gift made by my wonderful friend Kristina Marie
purse: Banana Republic

I have DEFINITELY gotten my $4 worth out of this skirt. It was an impulse buy and I wear it at least once a week. I don’t even care if it’s a little trashy. I can’t get enough of it. I’m really into neutral colors recently so I figured I’d give it a try. Most of my clothes are dark so I felt really summery in this. I got all dressed up and did a little shopping on Saturday. Last week was full of too much stress and frustration and I decided shopping would do me good. I may or may not have spent my whole paycheck (shame on me…) but I came away with some fabulous dresses that I cannot wait to wear. I’ll share them with you when their day in the sun comes along. Despite my wildly irresponsible spending, I felt much better when I got home and my mood has been slowly improving since my little excursion. Sometimes a girl just needs some new digs ;).

When I got home from my shopping, I decided to do a little craft that I’ve had waiting in the wings since my Junior year of high school. I have this problem where I buy all the supplies to do a cute DIY then I never get around to actually doing it. I’m so excited that I finally worked on this because it turned out fabulously. The tutorial was found at How About Orange. Here are my little tacks:

I also spent a portion of the day seeking out creative professionals that I can feature on my blog. I came across some wonderfully talented people who are willing to share with me (and you!) and tomorrow will be the first feature. I’m ridiculously excited about this and I can’t wait to get started. If you are currently supporting yourself in a career that is somewhat unconventional or artistic and you’d like to be featured, send me an email and we’ll see if you’re right for a feature. As an art student, I think it’s fascinating (and necessary) to hear how other artists have made their talent work as a career. The link to my email is on the side of my page :).

Finally, I wanted to apologize about the delay on the announcement of my company name. My dad is seriously slacking on finishing his portion of the announcement so I’m having to wait on him. I promise I’ll announce it ASAP because I’m obnoxiously excited about it. In the meantime, you should fill your hours with my formspring. Ask me questions!!


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