Hello! I’m taking a mini break from my vacation so bring you my second feature. This week, I asked Shauna and Stephen to share their story. Their most recent project is a collection of fabulous bow ties, but you may know them better as the people who brought you the original mustache on a stick! Read on, these people are seriously wonderful.

What is your name and where can we find you online (blog/twitter/website/etc)?
shauna alterio & stephen loidolt
What do you do for a living?
we make lots of stuff.
Have you always known that this is the career you wanted to have?  If not, tell me how you got into it.
four years ago we had a booth at the renegade craft fair just because we wanted to see if we could make enough money for a new computer. we bought a brand new mac the next day and the rest is history.

Did you go to college to further your education in this field or did you gain your experience in another way?
we both have BFA’s from the kansas city art institute and MFA’s from cranbrook academy of art. stephen’s background is in sculpture and shauna’s in is printmaking and museum studies.
Do people generally support you or have you run into people who think you’re crazy to not have a “secure” desk job?
we both have day jobs… that’s what keeps “something’s hiding in here” as an evolving project. we make most of our living on our hand made goods, but we have a safety net. this way, we never feel nervous taking a risk to try something new, we never wanted it to be a business – it’s our fun!  

What is your favorite part about your unconventional career?
we can do what ever we want… wood rings one day, mustaches in a stick the next and bow ties today. who knows what we’ll be up to tomorrow – that’s the very best part.
Finally, do you have any advice to entrepreneurs or budding artists who want to make their craft a career?
keep pushing forward!!! as long as your most recent project makes your last one look like crap – you’re on the right track. everyday is a chance to make something more amazing than you did yesterday. 


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