So You Think You Can Dance

Ah, on to the second half of day two. If you’ve been following, you may notice that I always mention Kent Boyd from So You Think You Can Dance. Well, the reason for my California excursion (as I also mentioned) was to watch a taping of the show and to see Kent dance. One of my grandma’s old students works for Fox so she got us tickets to the show as well as VIP passes.

She picked us up from the hotel and drove us to CBS studios where the show is taped.

We hung out in the green room and snacked a bit before we needed to take our seats. I met some of the girls from Glee (which I don’t watch. I suppose I should start?).

(how great is her headband?)

Anyways, I don’t have any pictures from inside the show (you’ll have to tune into Fox for next week’s episode to see what I’m talkin about) but the dances were fabulous. The studio was a lot smaller than it looks on TV but everything else was pretty much how I thought it would be. Cat Deely was so beautiful and friendly, the dancers were goofy both on and off camera, and from the audience, it looked like the show went very smoothly. But being an ex-dancer, I know that things backstage would tell a different tale.

After the show, we went backstage and waited for the dancers to talk to the press. My mom got SO excited (I’ve never seen her so excited. It was like she was 4 and mickey mouse knocked on her door to say what’s up?) and took about a million pictures. She doesn’t read this which is good because she said “I know you’ll use these pictures on your blog” and now I am… Thanks mama for being a crazy person so I didn’t have to do it :).

When the fanfare died down, we walked to the lot and ran into Mia Michaels. She talked to us about her opinions regarding Kent in the show and commended my grandma for the training she provided to him. We snapped a few photos with her and then left to grab some dinner. It was delicious and wonderful. I had a blast spending time with my mom, grandma, and Susie. There aren’t any pictures of us all together otherwise I’d share.

I just wanted to say thanks again to Susie for hooking us up. It was a great week!! Oh! And I can’t forget my obligatory, touristy, Rodeo drive photo op.

And that’s where my vacation photos come to an end.

I’m excited to get back to Phoenix. I have some ideas for things for my shop and I’m ready to sketch them and get to work on making them a reality. I may be too scattered to devote my shop entirely to knits :). But I suppose that’s the beauty of Etsy. I do what I want!!

See you tomorrow for yo’ suga’

6 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Dance

  1. Oh you're so sweet :)!!!I got my striped dress at H&M about a month ago on sale. They probably still have it but you'd have to get there soon since it was a dress for the winter lol. And my grandma is a fox. I completely agree.Thanks for your comment!

  2. 1) Where did you get that blue striped dress? It is too cute!2) Your grandma is a such a fox!One of my friends suggested I take a look at your blog since I'm really into artsy stuff and I have to say that even though I don't read it too often since I don't have a blog, I do every once in a while and I love all of your posts! :)-Sara

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