The bad news keeps rollin’ in

Yesterday I mentioned that I was having roommate struggles. My roommate that has been mentioned many times around this little blog of mine is not the one who dropped out. We had a third roommate who decided to live at home and save money (which is fine) but when we found out we didn’t know what to do. Luckily, we found someone quickly who is interested in taking her place. However, last night we found out that the building we were planning to live in has flooded and the people who currently live there have been evacuated for the past ten days. They are unsure as to when it will be possible for the families to move back in. My parents and I are really concerned about this issue (now as well as the possibility of recurrence in the future) so I am back to square one of my apartment search. I’m so so stressed out and it feels like every time things fall into place, everything ends up falling apart. I move in less than a month and as of right now, I don’t have a place to live. Please keep me in your thoughts (and prayers!). I’m going crazy right now. I wanted to thank you all for your sweet comments/emails yesterday and your tips for relaxation. I will be using ALL OF THEM. Trust me.

Since I really hate being such a downer here, I thought I would try to create something I saw and loved but really couldn’t afford. I’m sure all of you (or most of you) are familiar with Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess. When she announced her new line for juniors, I absolutely fell in love with the felt flowers that adorned some of the rings and hair clips in her shop. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to spend $14 dollars on a felt flower. That’s simply not in the budget here at the “I’m a starving college student” household.

Here’s Elsie’s version…

And here’s my take on it!

It was a LOT of fun to make (my best friend made a few too).

I love the idea of supporting artists and buying handmade, but sometimes it’s just as nice to make stuff on your own. I thought about sharing this as a DIY, but since it is stolen 100% from Red Velvet Art, I’m going to direct you to her page instead.

Have a lovely evening

2 thoughts on “The bad news keeps rollin’ in

  1. you are SO SWEET! My brother is going to be so excited, he keeps begging me to crochet him a minion and I'm just not so good with crochet. This one I can definitely do! Thank you :)!

  2. I'm sorry things aren't going your way. :( I did stumble across this and remembered you really liked Despicable Me, so it made me think of you! :)

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