Feeling Better

I took another day off today and I’m absolutely thrilled to say that I’m doing a bit better. Still not great, but I’ll absolutely take what I can get.

I have this folder on my computer bursting with DIY projects that have, at some point in time, caught my eye. I never seem to get around to them even though they’re all projects I’d truly like to try. I’m going to try and knock out one DIY from that folder per month (maybe I’ll even make it a birthday goal for my 21 before 21 list which I’ve started compiling). But since there’s no reason to wait for my birthday, I’m going to try and implement this now. The first project I want to try is this one.

I decided to start with the most recent and work my way backwards because a lot of the projects towards the beginning are geared towards winter. If you do any of the DIYs I post about here, please share a link or a photo so I can see what you did!

I finished a book today that I’ve been struggling to read for the past year. I know that some people will just stop reading if they don’t like the book they’re working with, but I have a hard time letting go of stories in which I’m even remotely invested. Having said that, have any of you read Up in the Air? I bought it at the train station in Chicago to keep me occupied on my way to one of my brother’s football games shortly after I saw the movie and I have to say that the book is NOT as good as the film. I rarely like movies better than books, but that is the case with this one. If you’ve read it, how did you feel?

I’ll be back tomorrow (hopefully I’ll have found time to finish my little project?!)


If any of you check the “book club” section of my blog, you’ll notice I haven’t read a GREAT book in a while. Any suggestions are welcome!

11 thoughts on “Feeling Better

  1. It's already a DIY! I posted the link right above it if you want to give it a try :). It's rope in the middle of the wraps. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  2. oooo, pretty! are you going to post a diy for those? they remind me of the hair wraps i used to do on my friends and i bet they're made in the same way, but what's in the middle of the wraps? not hair i'm assuming! love your blog!

  3. I finished Up in the Air a few weeks ago and I was disappointed because I loved the movie. :( I totally feel like a creep because I comment on all your posts practically haha. Sorrrrryy.

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