Things I want…

I spent last night reading through old magazines I had laying around my room. I have an unhealthy obsession with magazines. I buy them almost compulsively but I never seem to find time to read them. Therefore, I have unsightly stacks of magazines EVERYWHERE. Since I’m starting to get my act together for the big move (at the end of this month!) I decided to go through the magazines and get rid of the ones I don’t need anymore. In the process, I found about a billion beautiful accessories, articles of clothing, and nick knacks that I really NEED to own. I can’t afford any of them but I thought it would be fun to dream a little and share them with you!

Robin Dira Ring

Mr. and Mrs. Salt Shakers

Mood Ring (I might just cave and treat myself to this one…)

Travel Clock

Branch Hair Clip

State Pillow (I want Arizona, not Michigan)

What are you lusting after these days? Anything wonderful out there you’d like to share with the world?


3 thoughts on “Things I want…

  1. Not strange at all. I adore graphic tees (really tees of all kinds) but generally spend my money on pretty dresses instead. Not practical at all, but so much fun!

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