So on Saturday I took a desperately needed break from life to go on a day trip with one of my oldest friends…

Since middle school babyyy!!

(that picture is from high school, my freshman year, but you get the jist…Also, she’s going to actually kill me for posting that picture)
Anyways, we took a day to visit Prescott, Arizona.

One of my favorite things about this lovely state in which I grew up is that with a quick drive you can be somewhere COMPLETELY different. We hopped in my car around 10 in the morning (at 105 degrees) and two hours later were bundled up in Prescott enjoying the brisk weather and beautiful scenery (65 degrees).
We snagged some lunch at a yummy burger restaurant when we got there because we were STARVING. I’m shocked that neither of us thought to throw some snacks in the car for the drive. What kind of a road trip doesn’t involve snacking!?

After lunch, we looked through about a BILLION antique stores. There are soooo many antique stores in the town square. You could get lost in them for hours.

This guy was my absolute favorite find of the day. A KNITTING SHEEP! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I laughed so hard and fell in love. I didn’t buy him because Kristina told me it was “really really creepy”, so I settled for snapping a few photos.

We finished off our day (really it was just the afternoon) with taking about a jillion pictures in the park (I’ll spare you the majority of them). It was a lot of fun and oh so beautiful! If small towns didn’t make me feel trapped, I would love to live there someday!

And the day wouldn’t have been complete without a chai latte from a local coffee place. (verdict: tasted pretty good, TINY portion for the price)

Such a fun day!!

In other news, I’m part of a group of ladies that is putting together a crafty little zine and I’m sooo excited about it. If you’re interested in subscribing, stay posted! More information will be available really soon


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