Deleted My Facebook

So a couple days ago, I got fed up with the world of facebook and decided that it was time for it to go. After deactivating my account I felt like I had cut my arm off. I have had a myspace/facebook since I was in 7th grade and I feel extremely removed now that it’s gone. I promised myself I’d leave it off for at least a week and see how life goes when I don’t have instant access to all my friends, present and past, with the click of my mouse. I know it’s only been about a day and a half, but I am shocked at how much I have crossed off of my to-do list. I finished a custom beanie order that I have been working on for a year and a half (it took me so long because my little brother’s friend wanted it and I didn’t really think he was serious. Turns out he was).

I also finished a cute scarf for my shop and got started on my last custom knit order! It should be done today depending on when I leave work.

NOT ONLY did I find time to finish those two knits, but I also wrote in my journal, read two chapters from two books that I’m currently reading, wrote my two articles and bio for a craft zine I am a part of, AND I PAINTED!

I’m not saying I spent 24 hours a day on facebook before, but I never truly realized how much time was spent there. It was far more than it should have been, clearly. So my question (and maybe challenge?) to you is, have you ever tried to go without facebook? If not, try staying away for a few days (or forever!?).

Before I head to work (my god I’m so so so late), I wanted to mention that I have a cute monthly newsletter starting up. If you’re interested in getting it, email me at I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say again that nothing on the newsletter will ever be seen on the blog (and there may be a coupon for my shop for my first round of subscribers!). So send me an email!!


4 thoughts on “Deleted My Facebook

  1. I am soo bad with facebook but am sadly far too worried I'll miss something if i delete it! It's actually ridiculous! I also don't care if someone else is married, babies split up etc etc if they mattered to me i would know already! I'm going to give it a go of not going on there. eeek xx

  2. Oh i too have a love/hate relationship with facebook. I don't know why i waste so much time on there! gah! its so annoying, I'll get on and then all the sudden 2 hours will go by when i had promised I'd finish a project or blog or do the dishes…Many times i have come really close to deleting it, and then all my friends from back home who i only stay in touch with on facebook get huffy and i feel compelled to keep up with it. What i have learned to do is that at the start of every new year, i give facebook up for a month. I don't deactivate my account, i just don't sign on. Also, every 3-4 months i go through my friends list and delete anyone who i haven't talked to in a year. The first time i did this i went from 600 some friends to 250ish. It feels good to not only have privacy again, to reserve my life for people i actually have relationships with, but to stop my own stalker eyes from looking at someone's pics i haven't seen since high school, i mean i don't truly care if so-and-so had 4 babies. lol, ok i'm ranting, GREAT post. -Emma

  3. After much debate I deactivated my account yesterday. Even though I kept access to my account very limited I've gotten uncomfortable with the idea that people can know so much about me without having to ever talk to me.Also as a teacher there can be issues with sites such as facebook. However, since apparently no one remembers how to use email anymore I created an account to which I've added about 25 people, the people I normally talk to anyways so that I can keep in touch with them by messaging. No wall posting, no pictures, no status updates. It also is such a time waster! I don't miss it at all!Sorry this was a long comment I think its rare to find people that would even consider getting rid of facebook and excited me to find someone else who does!

  4. I've never had a myspace or facebook account (and people are ALWAYS shocked about that!) but I can see from my brother and sister just how much time they piss away doing things on it! Good for you for kicking FB to the curb!

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